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Fanart post and clip. #kmine tag is my art.
Kanno ponta (菅野)

Sinestro was furious, でも 私はハルとソラニクのカップルはいいと思うんだけどな。キャロルもいるけど…


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Name: Kanno Ponta. Please call me Kanno.

Gender:  F

Height: 161cm

Orientation: I don’t understand those words.

Age: Probably I am older than everybody.

Eye Color: dark brown

Hair Color: black

Smoking?: sometimes

Drinking?:  I can not drink.

Drugs?: no

Job?: A housewife and illustrator.

Favorite Color: Yellow.

Favorite Bands: Perfume, captain beyond.. I like Dubstep recently. music.

Siblings: 3 young bro and a  young sis.

Tattoos?: no

Favorite Book?: Explanation is difficult. There are many Japanese comics. JOJO, Gundam, Yotsubato! ,Sangokusi, etc…

Perfect Date:Talking about the impression of a movie for three hours.

Hobbies that you might not know yet: Kitchen cleaning! I’m not good at cooking, but I like polishing a mirror surface.

Why should I pick you?: A great pictures!

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I’m sorry if my English is wrong.

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itsolyus asked: Hello, kannoponta! Could you draw Thaal Sinestro with a beautiful wreath on his head? Please.



He does not remember the name of a flower.

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